Is blockchain a good idea for you?
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Is blockchain a good idea for you?

Maybe. Maybe not. Couldn't say for sure. In researching multiple blockchain projects, I discovered a surprising fact - not all blockchain projects start for the right reasons. After reading this article, you will have a clear set of questions to ask yourself about whether blockchain suits your needs or not.

The hype surrounding blockchain has led people to believe that it is the silver bullet, but that isn't necessarily true. Consequently, they think it will solve many problems for them when they start to use it. As a result, they begin using blockchain for the wrong reasons without proper due diligence.

Some questions to consider

Although it may seem small at the moment, it will have a substantial impact later. Doing proper analysis at this point can have a significant impact on the overall project.


Blockchain can provide very specific solutions to digital leaders. But, before deciding to use it, they should conduct a thorough business case analysis to ensure that they are using it for the right reasons. By taking time to understand if blockchain can actually assist them or not, digital leaders can save a lot of money.

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